Saturday, April 21, 2007

Philosophy and Uncommon Sense V 2.4

Looks like 0ur blog has lost its appeal but anyway, will just post whatever on my mind to see what happens.

Been close to 3 mths since the last post and what has happened since? Many things have happened both within and without Malaysia.

As for me still very busy at work with very little time for blogging or philosophy (in the formal manner I mean). We can't really stop thinking or using philosophy can we? We use it in our daily activities from thinking rationally and logically, to questioning our politicians, asking about what we read in the press or hear in news etc.

Recently, in Malaysia we hear lots of news about by-election due to the demise of two elected representatives. There is this question about whether promising to deliver some goodies to the voters constitute bribery or not. Morally it appears to be so, but legally it appears to be OK.

Then there is a lot of talk about character assasination during election campaigns. Campaigns here are about personalities right and wrongs rather than about whether the public benefits from the elected representatives work and effort. We have become so shallow as to allow character assasination take the forefront of our electoral process. Don't get me wrong, the elected representatives' moral,character and integrity are important but this is not Malaysian Idol. Yes elections are usually perceived as popularity contest in this part of the world but should it have been brought to such levels?

Other than that we also have a mini Constitutional Crisis in our Nation. Some courts have been elevated to a different status due to the decision of the Court of Appeal recently. Certain courts by a judicial decision has had its boundaries expanded beyond the ambit of the Constitution.....

Whatever happen to basic common sense? Is our education system that bad?

Also why do South Koreans have to apologise to the US for the wrongdoing of a fellow countrymen? Do you see any other Nation's citizens doing so? Did the Koreans' do anything wrong?

Today I was at my car workshop and I overheard the mechanic telling a customer of his, that certain parts of the car sent for repair cannot be repaired here and need to go back to the authorised centre do to some proprietary issues.

I remember when I studied for my MBA a few years back, intellectual property patents cannot be extended to parts of a product in the UK. I believe the intention then was noble, i.e. to prevent a "monopolistic" hold on parts needed for replacement. But thanks to softwares and computers, we now have cars that are basically functioning like computers and require software to manage and run it. Parts although can be bought and fixed elsewhere cannot be fitted in without updating the software.

Soon cars will have "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" buttons on it!