Monday, September 17, 2007

saturdays in malacca

i spent the last two saturdays in malacca.

the week before last, was used to explore all those old places which i last visited last year. some things have changed a lot in one year.

tried foot reflexology; some parts hurt like crazy.

also went to the wrong satay celup shop; didn't like the taste at all.

left my friends’ phone numbers in my old phone, so couldn't call any local kakis to locate that superb bkt shop.

tried to walk all around bukit cina but ended up just doing one side cause it's huge!

last week we stayed overnight at trend hotel in melaka raya. quite a good place.

went for two types of massage; traditional which hurt and subsequently the next day for a chinese massage which soothed my aches.

still hadn't tried all the food yet even though i've been in and out of malacca for years.

most improved food establishment is the jonker street laksa. the taste is all unique.

had tea at the 13 states coffee shop. i thought of something ironic of that place. it claims that visiting jonker street means seeing the whole of malaysia. really? so where were the indians, malays and orang asli? rubbish...