Monday, October 29, 2007

Density of a City

The only measure of density of a city is the quality of life. If you find yourself unable to be polite and civil, then it's dense.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Philosophy and Uncommon Sense v2.7

It is not uncommon that when a Government or Local Authority passes some legislation or law, exemptions are either stated explicitly in that piece of legislation or where it is explicitly silent, it merely means that the law will not apply in that particular case.

For example, we may have a law stating that a licence is required to rear the following animals dogs, cats, tigers, lions and snakes. What it means here is if I keep a rabbit, no licence is required.

Recently I personally encounter a requirement which states getting of an exemption certificate. What it means here in the example above is that I now require to get a licence/letter to state that my rabbit is exempted from this law! Bureaucracy now requires us to get a licence to state that we are exempted from licencing........

On the subject of bureaucracy, I also realise the importance of "rubber stamp" when dealing with the less developed nations (inc. my home state). When my company recently applied for some approval from another country, we require our passports (as directors) to be certified by no less than 3 different parties including a translation into the local language of that country. I also noted the importance place of making sure we get no less than 5 rubber stamps and signatures from various parties to substantiate the authenticity of our documents.

RUBBER STAMP appears to be like a SEAL of authority despite its availability in abundance everywhere! I for one until no, cannot understand the importance place on this "rubber stamp" which can be fabricated at a low cost at your neighbourhood shop.....

Please someone enlighthen me on the process of bureaucracy which is beyond my comprehension!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Ok .. this post should have been done on 7 July 2007 but I guess better late than never.

The supposedly wondrous day caused wedding registries to overflow. Even the Registry of Companies got into the act and opened office on a Saturday(!) so that people who so choose may submit incorporation documents for their company on that day and have a date of incorporation as 07.07.07. The most ridiculous act thus far are those idiotic parents who choose to have their child delivered by caesarian section on that day. I think the gynaes who agreed to that are most irresponsible. I learnt that a woman whose baby was actually due on 27 July had her child by c-section on 7 July. That is like taking away 20 days of development that is so very vital for a baby. I wonder if these parents will be able to live with themselves if (touch wood) the babies who were 'forced' to be born on 07.07.07 suffer health problems as a result. Stupidity knows no limit!